Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?
NO!!! Life doesn't work that way. Stop by anytime we're open.

I'm really in a rush, do I have to stick around?
Only if it's your first time consigning (it only takes 5-10 minutes to review your items anyway). If you've consigned before you can drop and go. We'll just donate your no-thank-yous to the charity of our choice.

What are you taking?
Check our "Consign With Us" Tab to see what season we're currently taking or Facebook post for a detailed list. But as a general rule of thumb, we're taking items 2-3 months before you'd want to wear that item.

How much and how often can I drop off?
20(ish) items at a time. No more than once per week, please.

Do you limit sizes or brands?
We take sizes Premie through 10/12 with the occasional 14/16 in clothing and outerwear and up to size 3 in shoes. We do NOT limit brands. We think that it's important to have clothing available in all budgets. But, keep in mind that better brands sell better.

What kind of condition do the items need to be in?
We don't mind if your items come to us in a bag or in a box. We just ask that they be in good condition overall. We can't sell anything with rips or stains or anything that is overly wrinkled. Also, double check that all zippers are working and that any velcro still has it's stick left.
I don't know how much my things are worth!!
That's ok, we do all the pricing and tagging for you. We even take pictures of your items and post them for sale on our website!!

How much do I make and how long does this take?
Our contract is 90 days. You can opt to get a cash payout of 40% at the end of the 90 days or you can spend what you earn as store credit. If you opt for store credit, you'll earn 50% and you'll be able to use it as soon as your items sell either in person or on our webstore!!

How do I get paid?
If you opted for the 40% cash payout, you can call/visit the store and request a check. Or we can also send you funds via PayPal or Venmo. We do NOT autoship the checks, we wait until payment is requested.

What if I don't want any money and just want to donate my items? Great!! We love helping out our community just as much as you do. That's why we've created our "community account". You can let us know that you'd like to consign all or some of your items to our community account and we will assign the procedes from your items to our community account and help out families in our area in need. Just keep in mind that we aren't a drop-off sight. The same guidlines for consigning hold true for our community account items.
What happens to my things after 90 days?
Once your contract is up, you'll have 10 days to pick up your items if you'd like, before they are donated to the charity of our choice.